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Financial Planning

Mindful Money Financial Counsel, LLC gives holistic advice in the following areas of personal finance: income, taxes, spending, saving, assets, debts, retirement, education, investments, risk management, real estate, and money flow. We do not require a minimum net worth or income level to become a client.

We guide you through a three step holistic financial planning process (ASSESS, PLAN, and GROW) to help you find clarity on how to best allocate your resources to work towards accomplishing your short term and long term goals. You can elect to just do just the first step or all three. Our three step financial planning process is as follows:

Step 1 ASSESS:Purpose: We feel that before crafting a financial plan it is extremely important to get to know you personally, get a good and complete understanding of all aspects of your current financial situation and know where you want to go in life.  The assessment step helps you get organized, determine and prioritize your financial goals, and discuss current life and money challenges and opportunities.  It’s also an opportunity to let us know what questions you are seeking to have addressed and answered in a financial plan and for us know get to know what is important to you.What does it include?• One-on-one initial assessment meeting (1 hour in duration)• Preparation of a financial assessment report which includes money wellness physical results, balance sheet and money flow statementStep 2 PLAN:Purpose: To provide a personalized road map for how to allocate current and future resources to best optimize working to achieve your goals.  By fully understanding where you are and where you want to go, we provide our recommendations for a suggested path to get there.  We work for you and do not sell financial products, so you'll never get a sales pitch in our fiinancial analysis or plan.  Rather we provide realistic and actionable recommendations to address your questions and financial goals.What does it include?  The written financial plan covers various financial planning topics and goals and can be either holistic or narrow in scope depending upon your needs.  We're happy to work within your budget to provide advice in the areas most important to you. In general, the written financial plan includes an action plan for our recommendations for what to do now with your assets and debts and how best to allocate future money resources over the course of a year.  The primary financial planning areas that can be included in your financial plan are:- Retirement planning- Education planning- Investment planning- Home purchase planning- Life insurance planning- Debt reduction planning- Cash flow planning- Estate planning- Life insurance planning- Real estate analysis- Business planning- Major purchase planningStep 3 GROW:Purpose: Your situation, goals and priorities are likely to change over time. We are available to provide on-going financial assistance to help you stay on track to meet your goals and also help grow your financial knowledge. For those seeking an on-going relationship, we offer a variety of ways you can engage with us:• Hourly, as needed basis• Annual reviews (or more frequent duration if you prefer)• RetainersWhat does it include?
In person or virtual meetings discussing your personal financial situation and finance topics

Mindful Money Financial Counsel, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm with the State of Illinois. As part of your financial plan, you can elect to receive specific investment recommendations. We provide personalized investment recommendations based on your personal financial situation, goals and preferences.  When it comes to picking investments, we are independent (not affiliated with a bank, mutual fund company or brokerage firm) and do not have any commission incentives to recommend specific products. We provide investment advice for:

• No load mutual funds

• Company retirement plan (i.e. 401(k) investments)

• Index funds

• Socially-responsible investing (SRI)

• Real estate investing

• Investment asset allocation recommendations

• Non-retirement account (i.e. trust, joint accounts) mutual funds

• Roth and Traditional IRA mutual fund recommendations


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